Q1 2021:   

  1. Full Launch

    1. Stake pool​

    2. Marketing

    3. Analytics

  2. Prepare for March HFC events

  3. Add Grafana analytics to Website

  4. Collab with SPO's on relay nodes

Q2 2021:   

  1. Start run of bare metal servers

    1. Testnet builds​

    2. See performance & document issues before mainnet

Q3 2021:   

  1. Start to move non-critical relays to bare metal servers

    1. Review performance​

    2. Start move of BP node to bare metal server

Q4 2021:   

  1. Have system be completely off of an online VM and be operating solely off of bare metal servers acround the world.

Roadmap is subject to change and may not reflect actual progress. Saturation and stake pool participation will influence the outcome.

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